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Brandon R. Reynolds

Brandon R Reynolds is a cultural spelunker living in California. He writes about how culture, science, art, and politics all find one another in the way-down dark.

andrew flack end of life advocate

An End-of-Life Battle

The right to die is another choice that’s under assault.

Dec 8, 2022
oakland, california   september 15 gov gavin newsom speaks to the press while visiting melrose leadership academy in oakland, calif, on wednesday, sept 15, 2021 on tuesday, newsom prevailed in the california gubernatorial recall election to keep his post as governor jane tyskadigital first mediaeast bay times via getty images

California's Recall Recoil

Did we learn anything from the recall?

Sep 24, 2021
jet packs los angeles newsletter

‘Something Goes Wrong, You Die’

Brandon R. Reynolds explains how he learned to stop worrying and love the jet packs.

Aug 13, 2021
alta newsletter vista movie theater

Save the Movie Theaters!

Hollywood bold names are stepping up to save some of Los Angeles' most beloved movie theaters—but they can't rescue every one.

Jul 22, 2021
Hearst Editorial

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