The Problem with Land Art

matthew rhys, perry mason, season 2
The Historical Accuracy of ‘Perry Mason’ Season 2

A pair of consultants find 1930s Los Angeles for the HBO series, which premieres March 6, 2023.

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The Night Charlie Parker Soared in South Central L.A.
The jazz saxophonist gave a legendary after-hours performance at Jack’s Basket Room in 1947. No photos or recordings captured it, and l…


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jenny odell, saving time, nonfiction, interview
Time It Was

In Saving Time, Jenny Odell wants to take back the clock.

lucy jane bledsoe, tell the rest, novel, fiction, book review, alta journal
The Player, Not the Game

Lucy Jane Bledsoe’s Tell the Rest is a novel of basketball and art.

courtney faye taylor, vickie vertiz, bh fairchild
Where We Are Now

In three books of poetry, Courtney Faye Taylor, Vickie Vértiz, and B.H. Fairchild write California through the lens of place.

malcolm harris, author, palo alto a history of california capitalism and the world, nonfiction, book review, alta journal
Silicon Valley Is Everywhere

Malcolm Harris talks about Palo Alto: A History of California, Capitalism, and the World.

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doug peacock
Doug Peacock Still Answers the Call of the Wild

Peacock’s writing continues to inspire the radical environmental movement.


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alta live an indigenous response to land art with jason asenap
Alta Live: An Indigenous Response to Land Art

Wednesday, March 29, at 12:30 p.m. Pacific time

alta live author terry mcdonell in conversation with will hearst
Alta Live: Author Terry McDonell

Wednesday, April 12, at 12:30 p.m. Pacific time

alta live the past, present, and future of calendarios de varilla
Alta Live: Calendarios de Varilla

Gustavo Arellano sits down with Calendarios Landin CEO Julian Urquiza to talk about the community history of these holiday keepsakes.

alta live new york is not the new los angeles
Alta Live: New York Is Not the New Los Angeles
Why do some East Coast publications continue to compare New York City to Los Angeles—and why they always get Golden State culture so wr…
the joint, biker bar, randsburg, california, harley davidson, motorcycles, desert
The Joy of a Great Desert Biker Bar

Six spots across Southern California to go hog wild—and get some delicious food, too


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fire of love and buried
Powerful Nature Documentaries

“Fire of Love” and “Buried” document nature—and humanity—in the extreme.

david lance goines chez panisse artist
Remembering David Lance Goines

Remembering Berkeley artist David Lance Goines.

los angeles mural by man one
Man One’s Los Angeles

Man One paints the faces of Los Angeles.

john francis daly
After Francis

A missing relative is found, another mystery is discovered.