Why It’s Time to Rethink ‘American Me’

lava thomas, detail of thomas’s resistance reverb movements 1 and 2
Lava Thomas Uncovers Untold Stories of Black Women

Drawing on personal and national histories, Lava Thomas’s art centers the experiences of many Black Americans.


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rabbit hutch, tess gunty
The Apartment

Tess Gunty’s The Rabbit Hutch is a first novel of uncommon power.

thomas mann's los angeles, nikolai blaumer, benno herz
Exile and the Kingdom

Thomas Mann’s Los Angeles illuminates the author’s experience in California.

the pink hotel, liska jacobs
Hotel California

Liska Jacobs spares no one in her third novel, The Pink Hotel.

exalted, anna dorn
The Fault in Their Stars

Anna Dorn’s second novel, Exalted, is a Gemini of a book.

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elon musk, jeff bezo, richard branson, spacesuits
Design That Is Out of This World

Why space fashion may be an unlikely beneficiary of the rocket boom.


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Alta Live: Artist and Naturalist Robin Lee Carlson
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Indie Bookstores: What Does It Take to Survive
Indie bookselling experts from the American Booksellers Association, Green Apple Books, and Space Cowboy Books explain what it takes fo…


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japanese americans in an internment camp
Naming Interned Japanese Americans

Crowdsourcing names of Japanese Americans interned during WWII.

more alta journal 2022 favorite bookstores
More Amazing Bookstores

Even more bookstores to love.

green burials
Compost Burials in Washington State

Turning the dead into soil in Washington State.

baby bushka, kate bush cover band
Baby Bushka Covers Kate Bush

Wow! A Kate Bush cover band finds its moment.