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Louise Farr

Louise Farr is based in Los Angeles, where she’s a contributing editor for the Writers Guild of America West magazine. She's the author of the true crime book The Sunset Murders.    

the joint, biker bar, randsburg, california, harley davidson, motorcycles, desert

The Joy of a Great Desert Biker Bar

Six spots across Southern California to go hog wild—and get some delicious food, too

Dec 21, 2022
da rhods

She Has a Name

Veteran investigator Steve Rhods helped take down the Golden State Killer. But solving the identity of his first Jane Doe murder case has proved even more vexing, and reveals a larger problem: Why does society so easily overlook missing women of color?

Dec 27, 2021
melody ranch motion picture studio, deadwood

No Assembly Required

For more than a century, filmmakers seeking the Wild West have found it in L.A.’s Santa Clarita Valley.

Jul 21, 2021
pacific crest trail, san jacinto mountains, coachella valley

The Accident on the Pacific Crest Trail

There are as many dangers on the Pacific Crest Trail as there are breathtaking views. One young man began the 2,650-mile hike with dreams of wild adventure and personal transformation. He never made it home.

Jan 18, 2021
Hearst Editorial

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