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Bob Sipchen

Maria Ho playing a hand during the six-week-long World Series of Poker in Las Vegas this year. The L.A. resident competed in 30 of the series’ nearly 90 events and made frequent appearances as a poker analyst on ESPN during the tournament.

Poker Star Maria Ho Plays to a Full House

In the world of professional poker, Maria Ho is cleaning up at the tables and changing the rules as she goes.

Dec 3, 2019
A diver pries an abalone off of a barnacle-encrusted rock. Worried about declining abalone populations, officials have banned diving for abalone.

The Last Dive

Threats to wild abalone have led to a ban on gathering the seafood. Bob Sipchen reports from Fort Bragg’s Annual Abalone Cook-Off on why the ban is necessary — and what it means for abalone fans.

May 21, 2018
Hearst Editorial

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