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Ken Layne

Ken Layne publishes Desert Oracle and hosts its companion radio show and podcast from a haunted old compound in the great Mojave Wilderness, one of four American deserts he has called home. He loves all the desert creatures, but especially the local gopher snakes, ravens, coyotes, and antelope ground squirrels. Find out more, if you must, at  

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An Ode to ‘Desert Oracle’

The brief history of “a pocket-sized field guide to the fascinating American deserts: strange tales, singing sand dunes, sagebrush trails, artists and aliens, authors and oddballs, ghost towns and modern legends, musicians and mystics, scorpions and saguaros!”—and its imminent return.

Dec 21, 2022
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More Desert/Sierra Bookstores

Wonderland Books, Red Rock Books, Word After Word, and 5 more Desert/Sierra independent bookstores we love.

Jun 27, 2022
space cowboy books, jean paul l garnier

Desert/Sierra: Space Cowboy Books

Joshua Tree’s only bookstore is from a galaxy far, far away.

Jun 27, 2022
desert oracle volume 1, ken layne

‘Try Not to Die’

Ken Layne examines how plans for a stylish, Instagram-worthy adventure can go wrong—very wrong—in this satirical excerpt from Desert Oracle, Volume 1.

Jan 25, 2021
Hearst Editorial

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