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Brenda Hillman

Brenda Hillman’s most recent book is Extra Hidden Life, among the Days. She received the 2020 Morton Dauwen Zabel Award, given by the American Academy of Arts and Letters for innovation in literature. She is a chancellor at the Academy of American Poets and teaches in the MFA program at Saint Mary’s College of California.

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Poem: ‘[chiasmus with all the other animals]’

Brenda Hillman recalls a summer of pandemic isolation and protests.

Aug 2, 2021

Poem: ‘[trance poem with the gray stone]’

Brenda Hillman writes of a partnership that endured the strains of last summer.

Aug 2, 2021
dandelion blowing seeds in the sky

Poem: ‘[to the voice of the age]’

Brenda Hillman responds to the early days of the coronavirus pandemic.

Aug 2, 2021
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