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Marcus Crowder photo

Marcus Crowder

Marcus Crowder is a Sacramento-based music and theater critic.

mike henderson at his studio in san leandro, california, as an artist, he’s reinvented himself several times during his nearly six decade career

Mike Henderson’s Personal Renaissance

Now late in his career, the Bay Area artist is seeing his paintings praised as much for their craft and creativity as for their social critique and cultural representations.

Dec 21, 2022
booktown books

Desert/Sierra: Booktown Books

Lose yourself in this labyrinth of reading pleasures.

Jun 27, 2022
Jimi Hendrix lighting his guitar on fire, Monterey Pop Festival, Monterey, California, 1967.

Rock and Roll Through Jim Marshall’s Lens

Jimi Hendrix setting his guitar on fire at Monterey Pop, Carlos Santana lighting up the stage at Altamont: Bay Area photographer Jim Marshall may have been self-taught, but he captured some of rock’s biggest artists at their brightest moments during his storied career.

Mar 2, 2020
Two visitors snap a selfie in the glow of Bruce Munro’s sparkling installation.

Wine Country Gets Lit

Wine countries the world over are becoming canvases for artists’ most Instagrammable works.

Jan 6, 2020
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