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Ander Monson

Ander Monson is the author of eight books: four of nonfiction (Neck Deep and Other Predicaments, Vanishing Point, Letter to a Future Lover, and I Will Take the Answer), two poetry collections (Vacationland and The Available World), and two books of fiction (Other Electricities and The Gnome Stories). A finalist for the New York Public Library Young Lions Award (for Other Electricities) and a National Book Critics Circle in criticism (for Vanishing Point ), he is also a recipient of a number of other prizes: a Howard Foundation Fellowship, the Graywolf Press Nonfiction Prize, the Annie Dillard Award for Nonfiction, the Great Lakes Colleges New Writers Award in Nonfiction, and a Guggenheim Fellowship. He edits the magazine DIAGRAM, the New Michigan Press, Essay Daily, and a series of yearly literary/music tournaments: March Sadness (2016), March Fadness (2017), March Shredness (2018), March Vladness (2019), and March Badness (2020).

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