Fall 2019 Book Guide


Téa Obreht’s second novel, Inland—which follows her Orange Prize–winning debut, The Tiger’s Wife—offers an epic reinterpretation of the American West and its mythic origin stories.
Téa Obreht Unravels the Myth of the West

With her second novel, Inland, Téa Obreht unravels the mythologies of the West.

Steph Cha, whose novel Your House Will Pay grows out of a familiar violence.
Steph Cha’s Two Los Angeleses

In Your House Will Pay, Steph Cha reimagines Los Angeles’s racial heritage.

The Lightest Object in the Universe

Kimi Eisele’s new novel, The Lightest Object in the Universe, finds connection amid an apocalypse. Here’s an excerpt.

Bay Area writer Carolina De Robertis, whose fourth novel, Cantoras, revolves around a group of women and the revolutionary love they share with one another in 1970s Uruguay.
Liberation in Carolina De Robertis’s Fourth Novel

In her fourth novel, Oakland writer Carolina De Robertis explores the liberation of women’s sexuality.

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Shadowlands author Anthony McCann
Live Free or Die
Nonfiction Picks: Lovers, Dreamers, and Flea


Talking with Matthew Zapruder

The poems in Father’s Day examine the complex ideas of parenthood, citizenship, and existence.

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Art & Photos

Richie Silverman, extreme tanner, West Hollywood, California, January 1979. The photograph is from Roger Steffens’s The Family Acid: California, which looks back at the Golden State from 1968 to 2015.
Steffens’s Nonstop Set of Visual Stimulations

The Family Acid: California bears witness to a long, strange trip.

A sunset “fog sandwich” engulfs the City by the Bay at dusk in this photograph from San Francisco on Instagram.
The Western Lands

Three new photo books look at the urban landscapes of the West—with mixed results.

Art and Photo Picks

Art and activism from California’s Native Americans and a celebration of the state’s iconic redwoods.

Special K for the Hollywood Set
A $6,000 therapy for severe depression holds promise for treating the “untreatable”—and inspiring creative breakthroughs on the back lo…
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Poetry Picks

Celebrate a poetic change of season with essential works from Jim Harrison, Kim Shuck, and Forrest Gander.