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The resistance isn’t just in the streets — it’s in the windows

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The resistance isn’t just in the streets — it’s in the windows. In several San Francisco neighborhoods, particularly the Mission District and Potrero Hill, residents have been placing political signs in their windows in response to policies from President Donald Trump and his administration. These aren’t preprinted election propaganda or leftovers from street protests. The signs, many homemade, appear to be designed specifically for windows, like political lapel buttons but for houses.

San Francisco is no stranger to activism, of course. (The Los Angeles Times has an article on the history of activism in San Francisco.) In the 1990s, conservative commentators and politicians such as Bill O’Reilly and Newt Gingrich used “San Francisco values” as a pejorative term to describe the liberal politics of San Francisco and West Coast Democrats. And since the election of Trump, San Francisco has been home to regular protests in response to White House policies. But this new window signage is something that seems to have popped up in the past year.

The Mission District is home to many of the city’s longtime Latino residents, as well as a burgeoning population of local tech workers, who many claim are displacing longtime residents. As a result, the neighborhood is regularly at the forefront of issues like immigration, gentrification, housing and police brutality, and those issues are often reflected in window signage.

We asked Alta’s summer intern, Junaid Ackroyd, to spend a Saturday in the Mission and capture some of the signs that fill the neighborhood’s windows. Here’s what he saw.

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