Alta Live: Artist Chris Sickels

The Alta Journal cover artist takes us on a tour of his work, studio, and very creative mind.

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Join us for a colorful conversation with Alta Journal cover artist Chris Sickels—and take a peek inside his mesmerizing studio. An award-winning 3-D illustrator and stop-motion animator, Sickels designed and created the hand-sculpted puppets featured on Alta's cover and in our special section "The Next West.” We’ll get a close look at Sickels’s work for Alta as well as a variety of the artist’s other projects. You don’t want to miss this very visual Alta Live.

About the guest:

It’s easy to see that there’s a magic to the work that Chris Sickels, the imaginative force behind Red Nose Studio, creates in his instantly recognizable 3-D illustrations and animations. The hand-sculpted puppets that populate his miniature settings are far from precise, realistic representations; created with wit and elbow grease, they have an awkward beauty. Yet we relate to them because they so successfully capture the imperfection and tenderness of the human experience.

In recent years, some of his favorite projects have been illustrating book covers and children’s picture books, some of which he has also authored. His work has appeared in editorial, advertising, character development, and animation projects. These projects have earned silver, gold, and grand-prize awards; have been honored by multiple institutions and annual awards; and have been featured in prominent art and design books and magazines. His stop-motion animated short films have screened at the Los Angeles Shorts International Film Festival and the Montreal Stop-Motion Film Festival.•

Check out these links to some of the articles, videos, and organizations Sickels touched on:

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