Alta Live: Author Bethany C. Morrow

Part teenage-angst story, part social-horror novel, Morrow’s Cherish Farrah is a cinematic tale oozing with creepy, page-turning dread.

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A “chillingly claustrophobic perspective infuses Cherish Farrah with a deep and creepy dread,” Anita Felicelli wrote in her Alta Journal review of Bethany C. Morrow’s new social-horror novel. The pair met up in this Alta Live episode to examine the book’s themes, characters, and haunting plot.

Some readers have compared Cherish Farrah to the 2017 film Get Out for its social commentary and dramatic twists, a connection that Morrow rejected at first but now accepts, with a large grain of salt. “I’m always interested in fighting the American imagination and progressing our culture, because I don’t understand the point of anything else. So I was never going to write a blank slate character,” Morrow said, differentiating her characters Farrah and Cherish from Chris Washington, the cautious protagonist of Get Out, as well as from how other Black characters are often written. “This was the kind of project where I’m sort of airing out all of my frustration with the oversimplification and the flattening that we do, number one because it doesn’t serve a good purpose and number two because it usually helps to keep things as they are. Anything that bothers me, I just went ahead and messed with.”

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