Alta Live: Death Valley Is the New Normal

Chris Colin discusses the undeniable allure of Death Valley, the West’s “climatological drama,” and what it all means for this very famous, very flavorful California desert.

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Thank you so much for attending Alta Live with writer Chris Colin and Alta Live host Beth Spotswood. If you missed any part of our conversation, you can catch up right here.

Here are some notable quotes from Colin from the event:

  • On an unforgettable name: “The name didn’t just stick; it lit people up. Everyone went crazy. They started calling it Death Valley. Even though only one person had died, it became this legendary place that could kill you. Of course, when you hear that, you just have to see it.”
  • On a unique form of tourism: “It’s a hugely popular destination for these temperature tourists who want to see what the world is capable of. They’ve heard of this dramatic place, and what really grabbed me about them is that their favorite spot is not necessarily Zabriskie Point, a beautiful point, or Badwater Basin. It’s the Furnace Creek Visitor Center, because hanging outside the visitor center is a thermometer, and they line up to take pictures.”
  • On treating Death Valley like an “extreme sport”: “I feel like it sort of others the desert in a way, others nature, treats it like an opponent, separates us from it. Which I think is sort of maybe not what we should be aiming for in 2023, when we don’t always have such a harmonious relationship with nature.”

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