Alta Live: New York Is Not the New Los Angeles

Why do some East Coast publications continue to compare New York City to Los Angeles—and why they always get Golden State culture so wrong?

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Thank you so much for attending Alta Live with writer Stacey Grenrock Woods, Alta Journal editor at large Mary Melton, and Alta Live host Beth Spotswood. If you missed any part of our conversation, you can catch up right here.

Here are some notable quotes from the event:

  • On that story from the New York Times: “‘Turning into’ is such a weird and loaded phrase for me. It implies that there’s something wrong with it. And what I got out of it is something that someone else describes as like this baseless scorn that they level on us.” –Stacey Grenrock Woods
  • On if Los Angeles did what New York does: “There are frequently articles on the front page of the New York Times where it refers to itself, the city, in a way that feels like 1907 in the way that they’re talking about the city. Can New York become the greatest city in the world again? If I dropped into that—can Los Angeles become the greatest city in the world again—and that came from the Los Angeles Times, I would be so embarrassed for the Los Angeles Times.” –Mary Melton
  • On advice to future writers on Los Angeles: “We understand it, this is an odd place to you, it might feel like another planet, but we have been doing this for a long time. It is a nice lifestyle. I’ve never sought another lifestyle. Just be open to it—you don’t necessarily need to label it an L.A. lifestyle.” –Stacey Grenrock Woods
  • On parachute journalism: “You would really have to be at basically Goop headquarters for 48 hours to walk away from some of these stories that you read in the Style section.” –Mary Melton

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