It’s been a tough year. These 10 creative and quirky cartoons brought us unexpected smiles—and even some giggles.

altatude, cartoon

“Stacy, can we get janitorial up here to the contemporary wing… Yes, it was the Koons again.”

altatude, cartoon
Sarah Morrissette

“And over here, you’ll be sorting every single digital photo you’ve ever taken.”

altatude, cartoon
Robert Leighton

“My, what a lack of attention to detail you have.”

altatude, cartoon
Ali Solomon

“You guys, what if the struggle isn’t real and all this time our lives were actually manageable?”

altatude, spring 2022, cartoon, ellis rosen
Ellis Rosen

“I’ve never gone this deep into the pantry.”

tyson cole, cartoon, altatude, summer 2022
Tyson cole

“It’s called the ‘bottom,’ but it’s actually only about halfway down.”

jonathan young, cartoon, altatude, summer 2022
Jonathan Young

“They won’t let us do a 13-card split. So does someone want the points and we’ll Venmo?”

cartoon, ali solomon, altatude, issue 21
Ali Solomon

“Look at this—even lightning takes out more people than we do!”

ellis rosen, cartoon, altatude, issue 21
Ellis Rosen

“Hi hungry, I’m Dad!”

navied mahdavian, cartoon, altatude, issue 21
Navied Mahdavian