Poem: ‘(Water/Places/A Time)’

In his second poem for Alta’s Summer 2021 issue, Cedar Sigo pays homage to two Bay Area poets.

larry eigner, joanne kyger

“(Water/Places/A Time)” is the opening fragment from a longer journal poem. I promised myself that I would write down at least five lines per day for one week. Often these lines did not immediately identify themselves as poetry. They would first emerge as theory, translation, diary, gossip, etc. In this fragment, I am comparing the daily writing styles of Joanne Kyger and Larry Eigner, two Bay Area poets who were seemingly obsessed with remaining on the pulse of the present moment.•

This poem appears in the Summer 2021 issue of Alta Journal.

  like golden
  stuck in
a loom—made
    to fall
with sudden
they sound, separate

  down upon
the date
  longer needed
    to slow
us down
is a charge
  from a poet
the ideal
  powder gun
  a bulletin
an uninterrupted
  from the
  bits of
diamond heights

and looking

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