Shooting On The Edge

Nature photographer and rock climber Gordon Wiltsie leaves the ledges of the Eastern Sierra for a journey along the California coastline.

Gordon Wiltsie is one of the world’s premier photographers of mountain scenes. His photos of mountain ranges, exotic climbing expeditions and other rugged, rocky subjects have appeared in National Geographic, Outside, Travel & Leisure and other publications. Heck, he even began his career four decades ago at the fabled Mountain Gazette.

So what is he doing shooting photos of seashores, beaches and ocean scenes?

Well, basically, it’s because he moved, from his longtime home in Montana to the coast of Northern California. And he suddenly realized there was a whole new set of subjects at sea level.

Hitting the beach with his camera and, often, a single telephoto lens, Wiltsie has become captivated by the vastness of ocean vistas and the birds, seals and other sea life that populate his new domain. “Even in the mountains you don’t see this much life going on everywhere you look,” he says. “It’s an exciting new frontier.”

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