Where We’re From

Put your Golden State knowledge to the test with this California-shaped crossword puzzle.




1 California river, or class clown’s first subscription
4 Class for non-native speakers (abbr.)
7 Flatulence
10 “Dude” in East Los–ese
11 The Chairman in Adams’s The Chairman Dances
12 ___ and downs
13 Group of Oranges & Lemons
14 ___ and outs
15 Law enforcement at Ft. Irwin
16 Smoother circle
19 Lena or Fire This Time: The Watts Uprising and the 1960s author Gerald
20 Characters
22 Daub with oils
24 Tresses on California Chrome
25 Inspiration for Inherent Vice heroine’s name
27 Hawkeye Pierce’s unit type without the U.S. Army
28 Adele’s “That’s It, I ____ _’m Movin’ On”
29 Romantic figure from “Idylls of the King”
31 Switchblade sound
33 “Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the ______.…” —Apple commercial
35 Business honcho
36 Setting for The Leopard
38 Drought weather
40 Opposite of house rt.
42 “Part of the secret of success in life is to ___ what you like and let the food fight it out inside.” —Mark Twain
44 Arrival
45 Darn but not damn
47 Distant
49 Voiceless or clueless
51 The Dodgers wear one that’s Pantone 294 Blue
53 Faux or n’est-ce
55 Peruse
57 Turns in or bows down
60 Supports U.S.N. fleet from Corona, California
62 Commodious perch
63 McMansion-to-be
65 Options to sell assets
68 What “the swamp” needs now more than ever
70 ____ tube
72 Whacks
73 Technically, billions of years
75 Sex or Roberts University
77 Mineral form of saltpeter
79 “Any way you ____ to look at it, everybody in L.A. keeps a bag packed. Just in case.”
—Michael Connelly
81 Take a psychedelic
83 First month of the Hebrew calendar
85 Hundred Acre, “Norwegian,” or red____
87 Upton Sinclair’s 1934 platform (abbr.)
89 2017 debut film nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay Oscars
91 Rocked, in annoying slang
93 Cozy
95 Langer’s delicatessen mainstay
97 This was mined at Inyo face!
99 Culinary staple of Hawaii
101 Yalies, Bohemians, etc.
103 Wildebeests
105 Freudian camisole
107 Harry in When Harry Met Sally: “She actually _______.” (Brit.)
109 “Let whoever earns the palm bear it” is its motto (abbr.)
111 An acorn, eventually
114 Adjoining, anatomically (var.)
116 Use a keyboard
118 Memo intro
119 “California, here I come,” e.g.
121 It rises with inflation
123 Circle of hell that takes appts.
124 Monument to an unwelcome angel?
127 Question from an ambivalent bride?
128 Que ____
129 A battle, then as now
132 Opposite of So’west
133 Per David Brower, say “Frisco” before you say this


1 Tex- is cheesier than Cal-
2 Hooker’s beneficiary atop Mount Wilson
3 Tact
4 With 18 Down, how we got Dodger Stadium
5 Huck, of Mary Jane Grangerford: “She was the best girl I ever see, and had the most ____.”
6 Title schlemiel for Beck and the Beatles
7 Where latex comes from
8 Indentured
9 The hiss of the draft
17 Brazen
18 See 4 Down
19 Shem, Japheth, and cheese go-with
21 Most common lion in California
23 Gender journal published at Duke (not Duchess) University Press (abbr.)
26 Revered rapper self-named after Wiz star
30 U.S. naval hero killed in a duel
32 A kouros might invite her to the agora
34 Bone-to-bone tissue
37 More than mos.
39 Rah!
41 Crossword word for shamus that appears nowhere in Chandler, Hammett, or Macdonald
43 Killifish
46 “I Blew Up the United States” songwriters Don and David
48 Stick
50 _____ __ a true story
52 Don or con
54 Janss, Adelaide, or Dipsea unit
56 Towering over
58 Of knife fame, or “Fame” fame
59 Very brief Wikipedia article
61 More inclined to subterfuge
64 Hold in low regard
66 Likewise
67 Nothing of the ____
69 Chew
71 Bones or bodkin
74 Uncrowned California poet laureate Dave Alvin’s haunting immigration ballad, “California ____”
76 Marilyn Monroe’s weren’t pressed into cement at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, but her Some Like It Hot costar Joe E. Brown’s were
78 Woolly, hoary pussytoes
80 Otter, re Dean Wormer: “What a ____.”
82 Goes steady with
84 Amazon on the Nile
86 Sediment
88 Tarot suit
90 Summit reminiscent of a breast, to a lonely French fur trapper
92 Bye, to Mork
94 “This is a ____ day for you.” “Well, a ___ _ day is enough for me. I don’t think I could handle any more.” —Margaret Dumont and Groucho Marx in Duck Soup
96 First or last baluster
98 Ask the ____ by John Fante
100 -plenty, -true, -pax, or -luv, for Orwell
102 “There’s nothing ____ about Orange County.” —Will Ferrell
104 Horse lords of the steppes
106 Bored by Spanish beetles, sometimes?
108 Language spoken in Kashmir
110 British slang for flashy gangster
112 Who you want to take a hill, a.k.a. Neivamyrmex californicus
113 Irish saint, for short, with a blackbird nesting in his hand
115 Prevaricate
117 Ours is the Cenozoic
120 Adulterous man
122 Madeleine’s “widower” in Vertigo
125 Lehrer, Waits, or Pynchon to friends
126 The Merry Widow–maker
130 Return on investment, in Inc. magazine
131 “___ we good?”

The solution for this puzzle can be found below.

David Kipen teaches at UCLA and is the author, most recently, of Dear Los Angeles: The City in Diaries and Letters, 1542–2018. He wrote “Thomas Pynchon Unmasked” for Alta, Winter 2020.


David Kipen, a former NEA director of literature, teaches at UCLA and is the proprietor of the Libros Schmibros lending library in Los Angeles.
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