Alta Live: Book Buyers’ Guide to Last-Minute Gifts

Buyers at Alta Journal’s bookstore partners save the holidays with smart, surprising, page-turning gift ideas for last-minute shoppers.

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We hope you enjoyed Alta Live’s holiday gift guide special with book buyers Sherri Gallentine from Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, Sarah High from Bookshop, and Luisa Smith from Book Passage in Corte Madera.

Here is the complete list of books recommended by Gallentine, High, and Smith.

For the reader who’s already read everything:

    For little kids:

      For teenagers:

        For home cooks:

          For coworkers:

            For fiction fans:

              For history buffs:

                About the guests:

                Sherri Gallentine is the head book buyer at Vroman’s Bookstore, where she’s worked for over two decades.

                Sarah High is Bookshop’s senior partnerships manager. She joined the then-small Bookshop team in the summer of 2019, before the site was live. At Bookshop, she helps booksellers use the site as their sole form of e-commerce or alongside another e-commerce platform. Before working at Bookshop, she was a publishing intern at Catapult, Soft Skull Press, and Counterpoint Press, and before that she was a bookseller and manager at Book Culture in Manhattan.

                Luisa Smith practically grew up in Book Passage, so it was no surprise when she finally applied to work there back in 1996. Since then, she has had many positions in the store, but her favorite is buying director, the role she’s had for a number of years. Besides her work at Book Passage, Smith is the editor in chief of Scarlet, a Mysterious Press imprint. There, she is able to take her love of books a step further, enthusiastically working to get the authors she discovers on bookshelves in stores across the country. Smith would describe herself as a reading addict who has been lucky enough to find great jobs to support her habit.•

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