Poem: ‘Rain Break’

News, worry, history. Poet Kim Shuck writes what she feels and sees every morning.

rain break sky

I write every morning. These morning poems are a catchment of what is running through my thoughts, things in the news, or my frustrations. These poems came from watching my great-grandmother’s hometown in Ukraine be destroyed.

Rain break
Wings over the next hill
Catch light
Because white feathered birds
Can also be
And every hill is this hill
This hill
Rain break
A poem
A poem read in the shadow of a burning nuclear power plant
A poem written in ink
Made from the ashes of a Holocaust memorial
Every hill is this hill
Desperation looks like heroism from some angles
Translations are delicate
A lace made of feathers and smoke
In between the storms•

This poem appears in the Summer 2022 issue of Alta Journal.

Kim Shuck’s most recent book is Exile Heart.
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