Alta Picks: Bamboo Toilet Paper

Save the planet with every flush.

reel bamboo toilet paper

Reel hopes to shake up an industry most people take for granted. Derin Oyekan and Livio Bisterzo founded their Santa Monica–based company in 2019 to provide a 100 percent bamboo alternative to the typical wood-pulp toilet papers that account for 15 percent of deforestation worldwide. Bamboo uses 30 percent less water than trees and releases 35 percent more oxygen, so if farmed sustainably, it can have a relatively small environmental footprint. However, Reel’s ecological commitment doesn’t end with a flush. Its subscription service includes home delivery in packaging that is plastic-free and biodegradable, and for every $29.99 box (24 three-ply rolls) sold, 50¢ is given to SOIL, a nonprofit working to solve ecological and sanitation issues in Haiti.

Nasim Ghasemiyeh is an assistant editor at Alta Journal.
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