Winter 2021/Issue 14

alta winter 2021issue 14 cover

Publisher’s Note: Art, Beauty, and Passion

By Will Hearst

Rethinking Prisons

By Lydia Lee

Poetry: “Proof” • “Prefaceto a Photograph—Delano, CA 1976”

By James Cagney

Watching Birds as They Watch Us

By Jason G. Goldman

Sister Aimee Is Born Again

By Carla Blank

Tragedy on the Pacific Crest Trail

By Louise Farr

Alta Picks: Fisherpoets Gathering • SALMON WATCHING • AIR/LIGHT

End-of-Life Hymns

By Elaine Lee

Special Section: A Year Like No Other

Photographers across the West capture 2020

A House of Refuge—or Horrors?

By Julia Flynn Siler • Photos by Penni Gladstone

Crying for the Oakland Blues

By Ishmael Reed • Photos by Jason Henry

Excerpts: Winter Reads


By David L. Ulin

A Handful of Earth, A Handful of Sky

By Lynell George

“1181 Durfee Avenue”

By Michael Jaime-Becerra

America is Not the Heart

By Elaine Castillo

Desert Notebooks

By Ben Ehrenreich


By Roberto Lovato

The Sellout

By Paul Beatty

“The Bath”

By Karen Tei Yamashita

“Try Not to Die”

By Ken Layne


By Nina Revoyr

“L.A.’s Black Woodstock”

By Mike Davis and Jon Wiener

The Myth of the Mythic West

By John Freeman

POETRY: “Portrait of a Bracero as José Olivares”

By John Olivares Espinoza

Is Copperopolis a Total Crock?

By Lydia Lee • Photos by Christie Hemm Klok

Murder on Crater Lake

By Julian Smith • Illustrations by Mark Smith

Archiving Black Film History

By Robert Ito


By Carribean Fragoza • Illustrations by Victor Juhasz

A Woeful Road Trip

By Lydia Kiesling

Contest: Alta Wants to See Your Photos!


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