Issue 21

made in california, issue 21, cover, michael schwab
Michael Schwab


Publisher’s Note: Living Treasures of the American West

By Will Hearst

“I’d Like a Catholic Diaphragm, Please”

By Pia Hinckle • Photos by Marissa Leshnov

Midcentury Marvel

By Matt Jaffe • Photos by Matthew Smith

A Vineyard in San Francisco’s Black Belt

By Sydney Love • Photos by Penni Gladstone

Buried Histories

By Beth Winegarner

Bernice Bing Steps into View

By Emily Wilson • Photo by Carolyn Fong

Why This Art: Utopian Elation in Julie Mehretu’s HOWL, eon (I, II)

By Court Lurie

Miracle on the Mountain

By Julian Smith • Illustrations by Mark Smith

Sí Se Puede

By Gustavo Arellano • Photos by Larry Hirshowitz

Poetry: “Qualifying Animacy” and “grief logic #6”

By Crystal AC Salas

Five Men, Six Days, and 34 Miles Across the Sierra Nevada

By Robert Roper • Photos by Tod Seelie

Made in California

Stirring the Pot

Interview by Robert Ito • Photos by Christie Hemm Klok

The Mochi Miracle

By Robert Ito • Photos by Andrea D’Agosto

Bumper Crops

By Joy Lanzendorfer • Photos by Andrea D’Agosto

Guitar String Hero

By Gustavo Arellano • Photos by Christina Gandolfo

Paper Pusher

By Lynell George • Photos by Christina Gandolfo

Heads Up

Interview by Steffie Nelson • Photos by Christina Gandolfo

Golden Drams

By Joy Lanzendorfer • Photos by Andrea D’Agosto

Old-World Sage

By Jessica Zack • Photos by Penni Gladstone

Who Knew?

By Katharine Gammon, Robert Ito, Ajay Orona, and Peter Westwick • Photos by Chris Hardy

Wheels of Fortune

Interview by Robert Ito • Photos by Christina Gandolfo

Jam Session

By Lydia Lee • Photo by Andrea D’Agosto

Flour Child

Interview by Lydia Lee • Photos by Penni Gladstone

A Time to Buy

By Ajay Orona • Photo by Andrea D’Agosto

Seeing the Light

By Monica Corcoran Harel • Photo by Christina Gandolfo

California Book Club

Keeping Place, Memory, and History Alive

By Natalia Molina

Why You Should Read This: A Place at the Nayarit

By David L. Ulin

An Acceptable Degree of Coherent Narrative

By Kim Stanley Robinson

Why You Should Read This: The Gold Coast

By David L. Ulin

Because Every Quixote Needs to Pick a Damn Windmill and Charge

By Jaime Cortez

Why You Should Read This: Gordo

By David L. Ulin

She Was Not a Food Writer

By Jim Lewis • Illustration by Thomas Ehretsmann


By Jim Lewis

Marion Davies on Her Own Terms

By Will Hearst

The Dark Season

By David L. Ulin • Illustrations by Steve Carroll

The Real Worlds of Alexis Smith

By Hunter Drohojowska-Philp

Now Open: The Big Orange

By Hunter Drohojowska-Philp

Poetry: “A Brief History of Pomona House Parties”

By Michael Torres

Alta Picks: Our Binge List

By Jessica Blough, Elizabeth Casillas, Anita Felicelli, and Ajay Orona

Cities in the Sky

By Joseph Giovannini

Fiction: “My Chicano Heart”

By Daniel A. Olivas • Illustrations by Victor Juhasz

Trailblazer: Nicole Martin

By Jessica Klein



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