Winter 2022/Issue 18

New Hollywood and old feuds, cold cases and hot television shows; Alta Journal's Winter 2022 issue is packed with 138 pages of the best writing, photography, illustrations, and poetry from and about the West.

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Publisher’s Note: What Audiences Want

By Will Hearst

A Zanjero’s Life

By Marcela Davison Avilés

The West Coast’s Native Oyster

By Lydia Lee

Helping Imperiled Species

By Scott Addeo Young

Poetry: “Our Son Comes Over”

By David L. Ulin

The Coming Psychedelic-Industrial Complex

By Roberto Lovato

Fresno’s New Newsroom

By Brad Balukjian

Street Art Goes Corporate

By Ajay Orona

Why Renoir Speaks to Me

By Guimi You

Toypurina: A Cultural Icon

By Denise Hamilton

Why Are Missing Women of Color So Often Overlooked?

By Louise Farr

The New Hollywood

Three Cinematographers Take the Long View

Moderated by Tim Greiving

Film’s Waning Influence on Fashion

By Monica Corcoran Harel

The Oscars? Give It a Rest

By Will Self

A Middle-Age Rom-Com Boom

By Monica Corcoran Harel

Tightening the Reins on Runaway Production

By Robert Ito

Movies No Longer Allow Us to Hide in the Dark

By David Thomson

Why I Love This Show

    Alta Picks: An Influencer’s Guide to the New Hollywood


    Get to Know California Book Club’s Winter Writers

    By Sarah Shun-lien Bynum, Natalie Diaz, and Karen Tei Yamashita

    The Bigotry-Based Beef Between Mark Twain and Bret Harte

    By Joy Lanzendorfer

    Tracy K. Smith’s Many Voices

    By John Freeman

    A Long-Distance Lit Partnership

    By Jesse Katz

    Poetry: “Take to the Days a Fist of Starlight”

    By Mai Der Vang

    Judy Garland’s Biggest Fan

    By Sam Wasson

    Conducting With Courage

    By Catherine Womack

    Two Designers’ Finnish Fancy

    By Daniel P. Gregory

    Berkeley’s Unequal Theaters

    By Ishmael Reed

    Fiction: “He Dreams About the Bunny Ranch”

    By Allie Rowbottom

    Trailblazer: Lauren Esposito

    By Jessica Klein



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