Bonus Episode: Rethinking Steve Jobs


In this bonus episode of the Alta podcast, recorded on March 21, 2019 at Books Inc’s Opera Plaza location, we discuss the many complicated legacies of the late Steve Jobs with three Silicon Valley mainstays who worked with and knew him well. Our panelists include Andy Hertzfeld, who was a member of the original Apple Macintosh development team in the 1980s, Tom Zito, who penned the recent Alta article on Steve Jobs that inspired this event, and who first met Jobs in 1977 while working for the Washington Post, and Al Alcorn, who among other things created the Pong video game, and first hired an 18-year-old Steve Jobs at Atari. Along with moderator Blaise Zerega, Alta‘s Managing Editor, the panel recollects their time with Jobs and debates the many legacies of this man who changed the way we communicate


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Beth Spotswood is Alta's digital editor, events manager, and a contributing writer.
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