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This Washington company encourages all-weather note-taking.

rite in the rain, notepad
rite in the rain

Every company needs an origin story. Picture a soggy day in the early 20th century: Jerry Darling, an outdoorsy Washington State native, is listening to his timber-company pal complain about how the ever-present moisture turns all his field journals to pulp. “Isn’t there a better way,” his friend asks, “to record the scaling of logs and the tallying of lumber in the inclement Pacific Northwest weather?” Spurred by the question, Darling began dipping sheets of paper in a homemade waterproof solution and soon founded Tacoma-based Rite in the Rain. More than a hundred years later, the company’s popular all-weather notebooks have been perfected to withstand beach splashing, stream sloshing, road tripping, hot chocolate spilling, and, yes, rain writing. Pair a classic pocket-size spiral ($3.95) with one of the brand’s grime-resistant pens ($12.95) and take off into the Hoh Rain Forest to write that novel.

This article appears in the Summer 2021 issue of Alta Journal.

Sarah Stodder is Alta Journal’s editorial operations & research director.
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