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Start the next gold rush with this mining kit.

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Lynch Mining

While the era of heading west to stake a claim along the American River might be long gone, the days of plentiful prospectin’ don’t have to be. You can jump-start your own California gold rush with gear from Lynch Mining. The Arizona-based company offers a variety of starter panning kits, and we tenderfeet were drawn to the $128 package: a beginner’s guidebook, two pans, a sieve for separating out dirt and rocks, a sniffer bottle for capturing the finest gold particles, tweezers, two vials to hold your bonanza, and a canvas backpack to carry it all. With a one-pound jar of gold-flecked pay dirt included, you’ll be ready to strike it rich in your own backyard. But for the full ’49er experience, set off with your kit and try your luck in the Sierra. May you find the mother lode!

This article appears in the Summer 2021 issue of Alta Journal.

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