Getting Away from It All

Take a $5 million three-day getaway to outer space’s hottest hotel.

orbital assembly
Orbital Assembly

Growing tired of boring old vacations on Earth? Orbital Assembly is betting on it. The California company plans to open the first space hotels within the next five years. Resembling a giant circular drone 488 meters in diameter, Voyager Station will accommodate 280 guests and 112 crew members. Enjoying resort-like amenities with artificial gravity, passengers will be able to dine at the hotel’s restaurant, catch a movie, or get a massage in the spa without floating away. Guests who want to experience weightlessness can go to low-gravity areas like the basketball court, where they can slam-dunk like they’re in Space Jam. While the price for a visit to the orbiting hotel is astronomical ($5 million for a three-day stay, all-inclusive), the company predicts it will one day be the same as that of a weekend trip to Disneyland.•

This article appears in the Summer 2022 issue of Alta Journal.

Ajay Orona is an associate editor at Alta Journal.
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