Summer 2020/Issue 12

alta cover, summer 2020, issue 12


Publisher’s Note: Extraordinary Voyages

By Will Hearst

Reading and Writing California

By John Freeman • Illustration by Victor Juhasz

Poetry: “Note for Daughters” • “To the Woman Who Said She Could Hear My Accent

By Sara Borjas

A Mother’s Road

By Mary Melton

I See a Three-Legged Frog…

By Geoffrey Gray

Survivor Manuals

By Daniel Wallace and William Deverell

Buster Keaton’s Last Stand

By Julian Smith

Islands in the Land

By Will Self

Special Section: Science Fiction

Introduction: First Drafts of the Future

By David L. Ulin

Looking Backward From The Future

By David L. Ulin

“Beyond the Door”

By Philip K. Dick

I Am Trying to Describe Things I Don’t Understand”

By Jonathan Lethem

The Turnaround”

By Charlie Jane Anders

Against Apocalypse

By Annalee Newitz

When Worlds Collide

By Steve Erickson

The Illustrated Illustrated Man

By Kimi Eisele

Dear Inga, Love Jack

By Geoffrey Gray

Joanne Kyger and the Making of a Poem

By Matthew Zapruder

A Concordance of Stories

By Alex Espinoza

Robert Frost Was a San Francisco Kid

By Robert Roper • Illustrations by Steve Carroll

The Anonymous Bard

By Marcela Davison Avilés

The Collector Had a Good Eye

By Alfred C. Harrison Jr.

A Film Critic Takes Direction

By Peter Rainer

Poetry: “Summons” • “Bat Boy” • “Imagines*

By D.A. Powell

The Daredevil Who Reached for the Stars

By Justin Chapman

Crossword: Where We’re From

By David Kipen



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