The Startup That Is Looking Up

One company is exploring the skyrocketing business of pizza delivery.

inversion space
Adam Amengual

Would you believe there’s a startup in California that thinks space is the answer to speeding up delivery times? Inversion Space, cofounded by a 23-year-old college dropout, is, in fact, real. The company’s goal is to launch capsules of stuff (medical supplies, artificial organs, even pizza) into orbit, where they’d remain until needed somewhere on Earth, at which point, the products would descend via parachute, landing within a 10-mile radius of their desired destination. Providing supplies quickly in this way sounds incredibly efficient, but Domino’s pizzas falling from the sky? It seems almost too good to be true. •

This article appears in the Summer 2022 issue of Alta Journal.

Nasim Ghasemiyeh is an assistant editor at Alta Journal.
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