Climate change, once easy to shrug off as a distant threat, has become so real that it’s difficult to imagine our planet’s doom coming about in any other way. No need to look up and worry, though. In your hands is an asteroid hit (and near-miss) list—to remind you that total annihilation could happen at any moment.

2022 EA1

  • July 4, 2023
  • Diameter: 230 feet
  • Originally, 2022 EA1 seemed to be headed toward Earth, but its modeled trajectory was revised: it should pass us at a distance of some six million miles—more than 20 times farther than the moon.

    2022 AC4

    • January 11, 2022
    • Diameter: 14–31 feet
    • Miss: 58,000 miles from Earth—less than one quarter the distance to the moon.

      4660 Nereus

      • December 11, 2021
      • Diameter: 1,083 feet
      • Miss: 2.4 million miles from Earth.

        2012 DA14

        • February 15, 2013
        • Diameter: 150 feet
        • Near miss: 17,200 miles above Earth’s surface—about one-tenth the distance between Earth and the moon.

          Chesapeake Bay Crater Impactor

          • 35 million years ago
          • Diameter: Approximately 1.3 miles
          • Hit: Virginia.

            This article appears in the Summer 2022 issue of Alta Journal.

            Nasim Ghasemiyeh is an assistant editor at Alta Journal.