Winter 2017/Issue 1

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Portrait of the Architect: Frank Gehry

The nation’s foremost architect designs startling buildings: swooping, glimmering structures. He demands attention, experimenting with new forms, materials and techniques. But his true goal is emotion, like high art or great engineering. Frank Gehry believes in architecture that inspires and changes lives. In conversation with Will Hearst.

The Boys Club of Silicon Valley

What is it about nerds and MBA frat bros that leads them to denigrate women? The steady drumbeat of cases of harassment and mistreatment of female employees in Silicon Valley has grown louder and more troubling in recent months. By Laurie Flynn.

Cold Case: The Ghost Blimp of San Francisco

During the early days of World War II, a Navy sub-hunting blimp left Treasure Island for a routine three-hour flight with two experienced pilots on board. Later that morning, the damaged blimp crash-landed on a residential street in Daly City—and the pilots were nowhere to be found. By Mark Potts.


In 1947, William Randolph Hearst sent three men on an Indiana Jones-like expedition to the Middle East in search of Arabian horses to restock the U.S. bloodlines. The 14 horses they brought back from their great adventure are the roots of today’s American Arabian stock. By Mark Potts.


In a state where tolerance for immigrants is the norm, the Orange County sheriff is unusually militant about crackdowns on border-crossers. The reason: The sheriff has turned immigration enforcement into a profit center. By Patrick Michels of Reveal/The Center for Investigative Reporting.

Glamour and Goop

It seems like every actress now has her own line of cosmetics, clothing or health products. In an industry in which actresses are considered washed up in their mid-30s, it’s not about vanity. Establishing a “brand” is the way women in Hollywood extend their earning power. By Quinn Cummings.

Portfolio: Land of Little Rain

Inspired by Mary Austin’s The Land of Little Rain, Walter Feller has devoted his life to making images of the sere, hardscrabble biome and the denizens of the Great Western Desert. Like the work of Ansel Adams and Galen Rowell, his pictures have become the emblems of a territory. Photos by Walter Feller.

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